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Healthy Snacks that are Fun for Kids: Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi is a Healthy SnackAn excellent strategy for parents, who are looking to introduce their children to new foods, is to get the children involved with the preparation. Kids like to play so being given permission “to play” or “be creative” with their food brings it to their interest level.

Set up a Creativity Challenge for the Kids

Have fun with kids by setting a challenge – who can be the most creative with these foods. By having fun exploring the different ways food can be eaten you can also be discussing the importance of eating fruit in the summer time.

Kiwi Shish Kabob
Be Creative Making Fruit Kabobs

Some creative ways to eat Kiwi:
1. Peel it and eat it
2. Cut the top off and scoop it like an Ice Cream Sunday
3. The adventurous can bite into it like an Apple.
4. Create a “Kiwi Shish Kabob” using other fruits. In the picture Kiwi and Green Grapes are put together.

Having family fun as you foster your children’s creativity, and educating them about what they are eating is a win-win for all.

Broaden Your Creativity Challenge

Get the Whole Family Eating Fruit with an Intergeneration Kiwi Creation Challenge!

When I was up north visiting family this summer, I purchased a big container of Kiwi Fruit. At the lunchtime family gathering, I shared with them my adventures with Kiwi and how I discovered that there are 3 ways to eat Kiwi:

1. Peel , slice and eat
2. Cut the top off and eat like an Ice cream Sunday
3. Bite into the fruit with the skin still on

I also shared how I had let my creative juices flow and made Kiwi Fruit Kabobs. I challenged the kids of my extended family, of all ages from 2 to 92 to create something with the Kiwi Fruit I had brought to the lunch.

It was fun to watch everyone get into the action and see their creative wheels turning. As they worked on their creations, we talked about how Kiwis have more Vitamin C then oranges, and how the peel has many nutrients and is a really healthy option.

This is what came out of the challenge and was created:

First came “The Kiwi Car”, modeled after a pink car that my sisters and I grew up with. Even my cousins remembered the pink toy car and laughed at the likeness of the Kiwi Car to the pink toy car.

Kiwi Car

Next came “Fred”. Fred was modeled in the “Hallowe’en Pumpkin” face style and created by my niece. Fred got lots of laughs and he had a big personality, including a detailed past and an adventurous future awaiting him.

Fred the Kiwi

Then my nephew created the “Kiwi Snowman”. The autumn season had been covered off by the “Fred” pumpkin face, now the winter season was being represented in Kiwi Creativity Art.

Kiwi Snowman

This is the “Kiwi Kreativity” so far.

Kiwi Kreativity So Far

Then my cousin who is a chef, got into the fun and did a beautiful “Kiwi Flower”.

Kiwi Flower

For the artists, the challenge was holding off everyone from eating the creations until everyone had finished making their creations so we could take photos. I was delighted that all of this focus on Kiwi fruit had everyone literally “chomping at the bit” to eat the Kiwi Creations.

Everyone is a winner when they eat Kiwi. This is the final Kiwi Creation Array:

Kiwi Creation Array

The creations were paraded past the extended family that was assembled and everyone clapped for all of the entrees. With the help of the group, all participants received a winning prize including “Most Environmentally Friendly Car”, “Most Personality”, “Most Creative”, and “Most Beautiful”.

Interestingly, the next day at another family meal together, unprompted one of the children arranged a beautiful fruit platter and they served it to the group with pride. The platter had orange slices, strawberries, grapes and banana slices – and of course, everyone dove into the delicious fruit dessert. Inspire your family to get the creative juices flowing and have some fun with food!

a beautiful fruit platter

Janet WilliamsBio:

Janet Williams, B.Ed, RCYT is a certified Primary/Junior Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Author of the Award-winning book “What I See, I Can Be: A Guided Yoga Flow for Children”. Concerned about the childhood obesity issue and high anxiety kids face, Janet created easy to use Kids Yoga Resources so that Parents and Teachers could get their children active and fit – and calm and relaxed. Janet offers a “95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certification” that is recognized by Yoga Alliance and is excellent for parents, teachers, daycare providers, youth leaders and health care professionals. To learn more:

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