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Juicing with Joe Cross and the Reboot Juice Fast

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross

My husband and I were inspired when we watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross.  It was a documentary about Joe the Australian and his journey across America as he embarked on a 60 day Juice Fast.  His goal was to lose weight and to get healthy enough that he could get off the prescription drugs he was taking.  He was successful in his quest and inspired many people along the way.  The people he inspired, all had specific reasons why they were interested in doing a Juice Fast – and everyone that tried it had positive results.

Watch the Movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead:

After watching the movie, I was excited about getting a juicer and I purchased a Breville juicer and started using it right away.

My Breville Juicer
My Breville Juicer

I love my Breville Juicer. Enjoying a delicious Juice made with carrots, oranges, apples, ginger, celery, cucumbers and a lime.  Nutritious & Delicious! A healthy start to my day!

I followed the recipes in the Breville Juicer Recipe book and made yummy juices.  I enjoyed making a juice on the weekends.

Reboot with Joe - Juice DietA year after seeing the movie, I read Joe’s book “Reboot with Joe:  Juice Diet“.  The book explained the details of how Joe did his Juice Fast and how to prepare for one.  There were many stories about other people who had been inspired by Joe and had done a juice fast and it seemed that everyone lost about 1 pound a day being on the juice fast.

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I told my husband about it and we decided to try a 15 day juice fast.  I have been the same weight my whole life – except when I hit my 40's I noticed that extra pounds started to stick. The same was true for my husband, so we were both interested in losing the extra pounds we had put on.

A Juice Fast requires a lot of veggies and fruit and will take over your fridge and countertops.

So the results?

Following the steps in the ”Reboot with Joe” book really helped prepare us.  It was good having the moral support of each other to help with the juicing and we encouraged each other.  We also did it during a timeframe where we had no social dinners to attend.

Veggies in the Fridge

Reboot with Joe Juicing

We were successful at attaining our goal of losing the extra pounds. An unexpected result was that my joints felt really good.  Now the new goal is to keep the pounds off that we shed during the juice fast!  We continue to eat healthy, and we have smoothies for breakfast every day and will often have a juice throughout the week.  We are already planning on doing another Reboot with Joe 6 months from now.

Please note:  Juice Fasting is for adults.  Children under 21 should not do a juice fast.  Children can enjoy a juice as a snack, or as part of a meal such as an appetizer or dessert.

Janet WilliamsBio:

Janet Williams, B.Ed, RCYT is a certified Primary/Junior Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Author of the Award-winning book “What I See, I Can Be: A Guided Yoga Flow for Children”. Concerned about the childhood obesity issue and high anxiety kids face, Janet created easy to use Kids Yoga Resources so that Parents and Teachers could get their children active and fit – and calm and relaxed. Janet offers a “95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certification” that is recognized by Yoga Alliance and is excellent for parents, teachers, daycare providers, youth leaders and health care professionals. To learn more:

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