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It is Never Too Early to Start Learning How to Do Yoga

Erick Nettel is a Video Marketing Specialist and I met him when he was filming me for a video interview.  After the interview he asked me “What age should a parent start teaching their child yoga?”  I thought this was an excellent question and I found out that Erick was a proud dad to a 2 year old.

Children ages 2 to 13 getting active and having fun doing yoga together!The reason he asked the question was because when he was a child he was overweight.  At age 13 he was between 15-18 Kilograms overweight.  He decided to take action and announced to his mother that he had to lose weight and reduce the amount he was eating and increase the amount of exercise he was doing.  He turned his young life around and still eats healthy today and focuses on exercise.

Now that he has a 2 year old, he wants to know the best way to keep his child healthy, hence his question to me.  From my understanding of child psychology children are learning even when they are in the womb, and once born, even if they are not verbalizing what they know, they clearly are learning the habits of their parents.

I recommended that he invite his child to join in his morning yoga exercise routine.  Parents should recognize that a child’s attention span will be short, so even if his 2 year old does 1 yoga pose and then is distracted, as you move onto yoga pose number 2, your child will still be learning the important values of staying healthy and exercising.  It is more important for parents to teach by modelling health-generating behaviour when children are young, than it is to simply tell your child when they reach high school about the importance of exercise.  Parents need to model the desired behaviour and good habits that they want their children to learn.  It is never too early to start learning how to do yoga.

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Janet Williams, B.Ed, RCYT is a certified Primary/Junior Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Author of the Award-winning book “What I See, I Can Be: A Guided Yoga Flow for Children”. Concerned about the childhood obesity issue and high anxiety kids face, Janet created easy to use Kids Yoga Resources so that Parents and Teachers could get their children active and fit – and calm and relaxed. Janet offers a “95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certification” that is recognized by Yoga Alliance and is excellent for parents, teachers, daycare providers, youth leaders and health care professionals. To learn more:

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