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Kids Health Issues

Kids Health Issues, Lack of Exercise
Used with permission by Adrian Raeside.

In recent years adults have discovered the unpleasant health issues that are created when constantly sitting in front of computers. As a society, we are now witnessing the health impacts of this behaviour in our children.

The “Internet Physique” is a result of hours and hours of sitting in front of the computer, spending time on the internet, playing with game boxes and watching TV. Today’s child spends less time running and playing around outside, and more time sitting in front of monitors.

As our lives get busier, we have found it challenging to shop for, prepare and feed ourselves properly with healthy food choices. The result of this unhealthy way of eating are now showing up in children, who are now eating more processed, pre-made, fast food, than ever before.

We are raising the “Internet Generation” and we have to ensure that we do what we can to prevent the “Internet Physique”. Become involved and participate with your children in healthy physical activity. Yoga is an excellent activity for multi-generations to enjoy.

Helpful Resources

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Kids Yoga - Colouring Book

“The yoga session in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom with Janet Williams was a great success! Janet did a wonderful job creating a program, “What I See, I Can Be”, that introduces the postures and values of yoga to young children. The children at our preschool enjoyed the session, and we plan to implement Janet's program into our weekly activities!

“What I See, I Can Be” adds to our holistic mandate of “nurturing the minds and spirits” of children in our educational child care setting. We look forward to scheduling a teacher workshop in the near future!
Thank you Janet for a wonderful, educational and fun session!”
Paula Carrasco-Kendell, Hon. B.A., B. Ed., M.A.T., Ed. Doc., School Principal Kendellhurst Academy Inc.

"I like Yoga.”
Annika from Canada Age 2.5


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