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Teaching Kids about Energy Using “The Energy Ball”

This lesson plan helps children build awareness about energy and how to make positive and loving Connections

  • Children's Yoga Lesson PlansTeach children about energy as they learn the differences between physical and energetic connections in yoga poses.
  • Receive a detailed Lesson Plan explaining exactly what to say to bring kids through a meaningful energy connection experience.
  • The Energy Ball is the coolest must see attention getter ever! It works like magic. See and hear how your energy lights the Energy Ball up and makes it beep when it detects energy.
  • Use the Energy Ball as an effective tool to demonstrate energy. The Energy Ball is really cool and lots of fun! Kids are amazed at how it works.
  • The Energy Ball is scalable and is a great tool to use when working with individuals, doing partner work, and working in large groups.
  • This Lesson Plan helps children understand the abstract concept of energy, and how their energy impacts others around them in a physical and concrete way.
  • This Lesson Plan is great for kids ages three to teens.
  • This Lesson Plan is one that you can come back to again and again as it is popular and a favourite with kids.

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Choose how many Energy Balls You Would like to use in your classes: