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A Book that Combines Yoga, Fitness & Fun!
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Logo BannerAfter an 8-year long pregnancy, we are excited to be celebrating the birth of the book:

What I See, I Can Be: A Guided Yoga Flow for Children 

Body Light clients will be familiar with the Yoga Quadrant in the Body Light Wellness Wheel.  We felt that the birth of this new book deserved its own newsletter and website
The Body Light newsletter and the Light Connections Press newsletter will be sent out seasonally.   
Enjoy our new creation!
Janet Williams
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Kendellhurst School Visit
Teaching Yoga to Children
Janet was invited to teach Yoga to children at Kendellhurst AcademyThe teachers and students had fun learning the Yoga Poses from the "What I See, I Can Be" Book, CD and Poster!
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This is what the School Administrator and Owner had to say about the experience
"The Yoga session in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom with Janet Williams was a great success!  The children at our preschool enjoyed the session, and we plan to implement Janet's program into our weekly activities!  We look forward to scheduling a teacher workshop in the near future!  Thank you Janet for a wonderful, educational and fun session!"
- Paula Carrasco-Kendell, Hon. B.A., B. Ed.
Our Mission
To Promote Healthy & Active Children
My mission is to promote healthy and active children so that they can lead long, happy and healthy lives. 
Health Concerns about Today's Child - Sedentary Lifestyles & Increasing Obesity!
It is alarming that the upcoming generation is expected to have a shorter life expectancy than our generation due to obesity and related health issues.  

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Help Us Promote the Solution
The "What I See, I Can Be" book and resources are easy to use and fun for the whole family.  They promote physical activity and provide a safe and fun Yoga workout anywhere - even the beach! 
Please help us spread the good news about these resources by sharing our website with parents, grandparents, teachers, day care providers, youth leaders, health care professionals and anyone who cares about children's health.
"Yoga is like gymnastics but more relaxing.
I like doing yoga because it is good exercise. I like doing it outside."

- Chiara from Canada Age 7 
Kids Corner
Fun & Interesting Things for Kids
Click on Bembo's Zoo  to discover an animated alphabet zoo.  Fun for children of all ages! Delightful fun even for adults!
The website was created by the graphic designer Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich and is an animated version of his book "Bembo's Zoo".  Click on a letter and watch the art and imagination come to life.  
Get Your Colouring Book Picture on the Website
Children email us your coloured pictures from the "What I See, I Can Colour" Colouring & Activity Book and tell us what you like about Yoga and your picture may be selected and put on the website in the Kids Gallery.  Tell us your first name, your age and the country you are from. 
Light Connections Press 
Thank you for your support of our mission to promote healthy and active children.
We are committed to Children's Health and Caring for the Environment.
The Book, Colouring Book, and Posters have all been printed on FSC Certified Environmentally Friendly Paper and Printed in Canada.

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