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What I See, I Can Be: A Guided Yoga Flow for Children
 has been making a splash in homes, schools and the media, including the CBC.  The Sault Star newspaper wrote an article and created a video that was picked up on the live wire and printed across Canada!  
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Children across Canada and the USA have been benefiting from the book.  Parents, grandparents, teachers, day care staff, health care professionals, librarians and yoga studios have been enthusiastically teaching their children yoga, using the book, CD, poster and Teacher's Resource Materials Manual.       
Thank you for
your enthusiasm for our new creation!  Continue to keep your children "Healthy & Happy with Yoga!"
Janet Williams
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The 3 Holiday Health Hazards You Will Want Your Children to Avoid This Season
Logo BannerWith the holidays around the corner, the excitement level in children is high.  Although this time of year is filled with many wonderful traditions, the holidays can also be a treacherous time.  The emphasis on sitting and socializing, snacking on sweets, drinking sugary soft drinks, and eating big meals, can be a recipe for disaster for both children and adults, resulting in starting the new year with unwanted extra pounds.
The 3 Holiday Health Hazards to Avoid
  • Consuming Empty Calories
  • Over Eating
  • Couch Potato Syndrome
The 3 Ways to Keep You and Your Children Healthy & Happy this Holiday Season!
  • 1.  Drink lots of water before loading up on sugar, sweets and treats.  When you arrive at each holiday event or gathering, have everyone in the family drink one full glass of water.  Everyone benefits from the intake of healthy fluids and water is one of the most important components to a healthy diet for children and adults.  It is also important for children to see adults drinking water and to see good health habits modelled.
  • 2.  Before you arrive at a holiday event, discuss with your children "Safe Snacking".  As a family, agree to the number of sweets and treats that both adults and children will eat at the event.  Each individual member stays accountable to the rest of the family regarding the number of sweets and treats they eat.  This will help everyone avoid overstuffing themselves.
  • 3.  Plan physical activities that you will do as a family, each day of the holidays.  Be sure to plan physical activities that happen both indoors and outside.  Indoor activities can be fun games like Twister, Simon Says, Yoga, Dancing, or Swimming.  Outdoor activities allow you to benefit from the fresh air as you go for walks, hikes, skating and tobogganing.  
Give the Gift of Health This Season!
For the Teachers in Your Life
Instead of getting teachers or daycare providers more chocolates, get them something that they will really love and be able to use for years to come.
The "Teacher's Value Packgives them everything they need to provide their children with a safe & fun yoga workout.
For the Children in Your Life
Instead of getting children sedantary focused activities, promote healthy and fun exercise through the "Fitness & Fun Bundle".  The bundle gives children everything they need to learn about yoga in a fun way.   
Special Value Pack For Those that Already Purchased the Book 
If you have already purchased the hard cover book & CD and have enjoyed using it with your children and are now wishing you had purchased the Fitness & Fun Bundle, we have a bundle just for you! 
See your children's joy, when they receive the "Children's Value Pack" and you will delight in the savings!  The Children's Value Pack comes with:
  • Colouring Book & Crayon Pack
  • Full Size Poster (24" x 36")
  • Children's Colour-Me Poster (11" x 17") and Colouring Pack     
Kids Corner
Fun Things We Can Learn from Children
Children Doing Boat PoseI have been going into schools, daycares and Parenting & Family Literacy Centers doing presentations to children, staff and parents.  When doing the Boat Posture at one of the presentations, one child said, "My boat is sinking" and then they slowly lowered their hands and legs to the floor. 
For those adults who are already using the book, bring the sense of play into the Boat Posture by asking children to lift their arms and legs high into the air and then ask them "Is your boat taking on water and slowly sinking?"  They can slowly bring their arms and legs down and rest.  When they are ready they can lift their arms and legs back up and say "I am bailing the water out of my boat and I am floating again".
This type of play is excellent for helping children identify how their bodies feel during a posture and to help them learn when to gently come out of a pose to rest before resuming the posture.
Book a Yoga Presentation for Your Children
Teachers, Schools, Daycares & Youth Groups - A Great Way to Keep Your Children Active & Fit
Are you looking for ways to keep your children healthy and active?  Would you like a fun and easy way for you and your children to learn yoga?  Start the New Year off right by focusing on fitness!
Janet Williams is a certified Primary Teacher and Yoga Instructor, who teaches children in schools, daycares and youth activity groups how to do yoga.  
To learn more and to book your Yoga Presentation with Janet, Please Contact Us.     
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Thank you for your support of our mission to promote healthy and active children so that they may lead long, happy and healthy lives.  We are committed to Children's Health and Caring for the Environment.
The Book, Colouring Book, Teacher's Resource Materials Manual, and Posters have all been printed on FSC Certified Environmentally Friendly Paper and Printed in Canada.
Please help us spread the good news about these resources by sharing our website with parents, grandparents, teachers, day care providers, youth leaders, health care professionals and anyone who cares about children's health.

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