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Get The Highest Level Children’s Yoga Training Now Available!

After many requests for a Training program we are now offering a complete 95 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certification.
The training has been approved by Yoga Alliance and provides you with a thorough training in children's yoga.
Engineered to give you experience observing and practice teaching classes with real children, for a truly authentic, fun and professional kids yoga teacher training.

Who Should Attend:
- Perfect for Teachers, ECE's & Educators 
   - Parents, Grandparents and Care Givers
   - Youth Leaders
   - Health Care Professionals
   - Anyone who likes helping children!

How the Module Training Works:

  • There are 6 Kids Yoga Teacher Training Modules that can be taken in any order.
  • You can take as many modules as you wish.
  • Each module is a self contained unit giving you insight into the facets of teaching kids yoga.
Together the interconnected Modules give you the highest level of training in children’s yoga certification through Yoga Alliance.

Take the "What I See, I Can Be" Module on November 17-18
Course Includes all of these resources that you can fill your treasure chest with!

Learn More about the Training Modules and Sign Up on our Home Page: www.ChildrensYogaBooks.com  
Take Advantage of the Early Bird Special!

Learn How This Teacher Incorporates Yoga in Her Classroom 
And How You Can Easily Do It Too! 

Learn from Lisa how she incorporates Yoga into her Classroom and How You Can Too!


Teachers & Parents Around the World Love Our New Yoga Game "Yoga Match"   
On Sale Special Price!

Yoga Match: A Memory & Movement Card Game is a great way to get children engaging their brains and moving their bodies.  Children have fun doing Yoga Poses and they don't even realize they are exercising their bodies and improving their concentration abilities as they play the game! 

Great for teachers in the classroom and parents at home in the livingroom. 

To See More or To Order:  http://www.childrensyogabooks.com/products-yoga-match-game.html 

Learn creative ways to use Yoga Match on our Blog:  http://childrensyogabooks.com/blog/announcing-yoga-match/



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See "Kids in Action Doing Yoga" and pictures from "School Interactive Presentations". 

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Janet Meets Raffi!
I had the distinct honour and privilege to meet the famous Canadian Children's Singer and Song Writer "Raffi", who is an icon in his field and has delighted children with his music for decades.  I remember when I was in Teachers College, teaching my Grade 2 class about the environment and whales.  As part of the unit, I taught the children the song "Baby Beluga" by Raffi - which interestingly, I still know all the words to! 

Raffi shared with me his mission to help children and a new Song "On Hockey Days".

Read more about my meeting with Raffi on my Childrens Yoga Books Blog:  http://childrensyogabooks.com/blog/raffi/


NEW! "What I See, I Can Be" Children's Yoga Teacher Training    
You CAN Teach Children's Yoga!

Do you wish you could introduce your students to Yoga so that you could take advantage of the wonderful benefits of Yoga in your classroom, such as:

   - Children who are ready to pay attention and listen
   - Students who are calm and relaxed
   - Students who are ready to learn

This course has been created by a Certified Primary/Junior Teacher for Teachers.  Whether you have lots of experience with Yoga or no experience with Yoga, this course has been designed:

   - To Give you the Key Essentials for teaching children's yoga
   - Helpful tools for expanding into the school curriculum
   - Easy to Use Black Line Masters

Learn everything
that is important to know to keep your students safe and having fun. This course is great for:

   - Schools Teachers
   - Day Care Providers
   - Youth Leaders  
   - Health Care Professionals who work with children

The first Module is November 17th & 18th. 
To See More and Sign Up
: http://www.ChildrensYogaBooks.com



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