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Children's Yoga Book & DVD Bundle

Children's Yoga  Products - What I See, I Can Be - Children's Yoga Book & DVD Bundle

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We have created some popular bundles of our products and offer you a discount for buying the combined package. Take advantage of these savings!

Children's Yoga Products - What I See, I Can Be: DVD & Book Bundle

This value package includes the following items:

Item #1 - Hard Cover Story Book and CD
Item #1 - DVD

Save when you buy the bundle and avoid the higher shipping costs in ordering each item separately.

Great For:

 > Teachers - Kindergarten,Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Phys Ed Teachers, etc...
 > Parents & Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, Uncles, friends of the family.
 > Health Care Professionals, Nurses, Doctors, Nutritionists, Mental Health, Physical Health.
 > Yoga Studios & Instructors, Participants, Enthusiasts.
 > Day Care Centres and Children's Providers
 > Youth Activity Leaders, Community Activity Leaders, Camp Leaders, Sport Coaches.
 > People who care about children’s health.

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Children's Yoga
Hard Cover
Story Book & CD

Children's Yoga


Children's Yoga
Colouring Book
Posters, Yoga Match Game

Visualization CD
Total Relaxation

Teacher Value Pack - Special:

$125.95 CAD Save $21.98 and save on shipping!

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Read & Listen to our Testimonials

"In a world where children are consumed with video games and watching TV, finally an interactive DVD promoting health and wellness through yoga.”
- Daphne Bennett, Coach and Relationship Specialist

“Janet Williams has combined yoga instruction, imagination and pure fun in an entertaining, well illustrated and delightful book for children.”
- Greg Turko, Ryerson Continuing Education Faculty

“Brilliantly written, beautifully illustrated. An essential resource for anyone advocating for the health, fitness and wellness of our children.”
Erika Caspersen, Health & Wellness Specialist, City of Hamilton Public Health

“An excellent way to begin the school day. The music and exercises set a positive tone, creating the feeling of calm. All teachers need to incorporate this Yoga Book and CD into their DPA program.”
Monica Zurawinski, Teacher, Sault Ste Marie Board of Education, Parent to child age 6

“We tried out the book and CD last night and my little girl loved it. My son was a proud big brother teaching it to her. We just followed along with the book by looking at the illustrations of the children in the book and we easily did the moves as we listened to the CD. It’s great and I’m going to try to stick to doing it 3 times a week with them!”
Krista Haigh, Parent to children ages 4 and 6

"Both adults and children will enjoy this DVD as they have fun doing the stretches. Children at home or in school can easily follow along with the children in the DVD, without requiring any additional explanation. This self explanatory DVD allows children to feel empowered as they do it by themselves. The children demonstrating in the DVD are different ages and skill levels and will inspire children at their different ability levels.”
- Barb Hunter, Retired Kindergarten Teacher, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

"I have been using the “What I See, I Can Be” book, CD and DVD in my home daycare for many months. The children are ages 1-4 and really enjoy learning the poses, as well as leading their friends through the experience. It is very rewarding when one of the children does a pose unexpectedly at home and teaches their parents the yoga poses that they have learned. I use the book, CD and DVD in combination and separately, and find them to be wonderful tools that have added a new dimension to my daycare. I would recommend this to other daycare providers.”

- Cindy Brown, Daycare Provider at Cindy’s Home Daycare, Burlington, Ontario

“I recently borrowed your book from the Mississauga Public Library - I found it really beautiful and fun to read. I liked that all the pages are in colour, not just the covers. I also enjoyed listening to the audio CD. Overall, this book brought out the kid in me! Such a book should be in every public library across the country.”
Dr. Shila Heeralall, Engineer, Author, Free Thinker, and a Frequent User of Public Libraries

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