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Frog Yoga Alphabet Value Package

Frog Yoga Alphabet Value Package



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The Frog Yoga Value Pack will give you everything you need and save you money.

Product Description

The Frog Yoga Value Pack will give you everything you need and save you money.

Save when you order the Frog Yoga Value Pack which includes:
-Frog Yoga Alphabet Cards
-Frog Yoga Book
-Frog Yoga Colouring Book
-Frog Yoga 80 Pack Stickers
-And get the 11x17” Frog Yoga Poster for FREE!
-And only pay one shipping cost!
Price: $64.99 + Shipping (Canada $8, USA $12, International $12)

A great instructional tool for teachers to get kids moving in schools and studios, and for parents at home.
A fun way for children to learn the alphabet.
-26 yoga poses chosen with children’s health and safety in mind
-Children have fun doing yoga as they learn the alphabet
-Children exercise their bodies and minds
-Great for the classroom in schools or the living room in homes
-Children of all ages have a universal love for frogs
-Children ages 4 to 9 will enjoy these resources
-Products Printed in Canada

Learn additional ways to use these resources in our “Yoga Literacy” Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Great For:

> Teachers - Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Phys Ed Teachers, etc...
> Teachers of children with special needs
> Parents & Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, Uncles, friends of the family.
> Health Care Professionals, Nurses, Doctors, Nutritionists, Mental Health, Physical Health.
> Yoga Studios & Instructors, Participants, Enthusiasts.
> Day Care Centres, ECE's and Children's Providers
> Youth Activity Leaders, Community Activity Leaders, Camp Leaders, Sport Coaches.
> People who care about children’s health.