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Read the Book 'What I See, I Can Be' by Janet WilliamsWhat I See, I Can Be: The Hard Cover Book & Audio CD

“A wonderful book that introduces yoga to children through identification with the animals and surroundings that are familiar to them. The result is a great book that resonates with the imaginations of children and their love of animals and nature, whilst at the same time working towards the well being of their body, mind and spirit. I find the book delightful and I am impressed with the high quality and information it contains.”
Katherine Siswick-Clark, Parent

"With clear instructions and easy-to-follow poses, plus a companion CD with a mellow soundtrack, the book is a fun tool for teaching kids mind-body awareness. The book’s evocative instructions just might inspire a childlike mood in your own practice."
- Chrissandra Fox , Yoga Journal Magazine, October 2010 Issue

Video Testimonial by Pamela Tuff

View a Video Testimonial by Pamela Tuff, a Yoga Instructor who likes the book and explains how she uses
"What I See, I Can Be" in her Children's Yoga Classes.

“As an elementary Physical Education Teacher I know that personally I have found it difficult to find a high quality yoga program for kids. I think the “What I See, I Can Be” program is amazing, affordable, and something that could be used in classes not only for fitness, but to help students better concentrate, focus, and relax. The book is very easy to read and for the kids to understand. I have already recommended it to other teachers and gym teachers.”
Nevella Schepmyer, Physical & Health Education Teacher, Peel School Board

"In addition to the physical benefits, this book provides a wonderful and creative way to introduce children to the concept of relaxation, breathing and body awareness.”
Dorothy Peirce, Elementary Teacher-Librarian, East York Board of Education

A great resource for Primary/Junior Teachers interested in using yoga with their students. Even teachers inexperienced in the arts of yoga can use this book and CD effectively.”
Kathryn Turnbull, ESL Teacher, Ottawa Carleton District School Board

“As an experienced Supply Teacher, I know that it can be a challenge to get children to listen during Physical Education because of the less structured format and the high excitement level. The first class that I tried “What I See, I Can Be” with, were a notorious Grade 2/3 split. They were known as a difficult class to control and all morning they acted up. When we got to Gym Class, I put on the CD and had the children follow along with the yoga book. The results were amazing! To my delight, the yoga book and CD captured their interest and attention. The children who had been uncooperative all morning settled down and remained settled down for the rest of the day.

Read the Book 'What I See, I Can Be' by Janet Williams

I recommend “What I See, I Can Be” to all teachers. You will benefit immensely from using this children’s yoga program in your Gym Classes and for DPA. It is a great way for children to start the day.”
– Mary Jaglowitz, Primary/Special Ed Supply Teacher, Grand Erie School Board & Brant Haldimand Norfolk Separate School Board.

“Amazing graphics and easy for children to follow. Promotes the benefits of nature’s wonders and our own health. I recommend this book to parents with young children.”
Natalie Bray, Registered Nurse, Champlain Community Care Access Centre

Read the Book 'What I See, I Can Be' by Janet Williams

"We used the book with the Grade 2 class at our Oakridge Wellness Center. The children loved it and did not want it to be over and they wanted more. The teacher was thrilled with the book’s illustrations and the instructions."
- Elizabeth Lacey, Yoga Instructor, Social Worker (MSW RSW) and Mom of 5 Children

“Finally, a yoga resource that is effective and easy to follow, and fully inclusive of all physical ability levels! Each yoga pose is clearly illustrated, guiding you into correct body positioning. The book is perfect to use as a stand alone on warm days for yoga outdoors. The book and CD will rapidly become valuable and essential components of a high quality DPA program. Teachers in open concept classrooms will find that the CD works wonderfully when played at normal teacher volume with the children following along. Use the CD to do a few poses after periods of high activity to bring the mind and body back to a place of focus and calm – allowing for optimal learning to take place! This is an irreplaceable DPA resource that every primary/junior teacher should own.”
-Suki McVeety, DPA Coordinator, Grade 4/5 Teacher Peel School and Parent of a 5 and 9 year old

“Janet Williams has combined yoga instruction, imagination and pure fun in an entertaining, well illustrated and delightful book for children.”
Greg Turko, Ryerson Continuing Education Faculty

Read the Book 'What I See, I Can Be' by Janet Williams

“The book is a lot of fun and I now have a little yoga partner who will help to keep me motivated. The descriptions are very easy to follow and the pictures are wonderful.”
Joanna Oliver, Parent to child age 5

“An excellent way to begin the school day. The music and exercises set a positive tone, creating the feeling of calm. All teachers need to incorporate this Yoga Book and CD into their DPA program.”
Monica Zurawinski, Teacher, Sault Ste Marie Board of Education, Parent to child age 6

“We tried out the book and CD last night and my little girl loved it. My son was a proud big brother teaching it to her. We just followed along with the book by looking at the illustrations of the children in the book and we easily did the moves as we listened to the CD. It’s great and I’m going to try to stick to doing it 3 times a week with them!”
Krista Haigh, Parent to children ages 4 and 6

Dr. Shila Heeralall, Engineer, Author, Free Thinker, and a Frequent User of Public Libraries

"I have been using the “What I See, I Can Be” book, CD and DVD in my home daycare for many months. The children are ages 1-4 and really enjoy learning the poses, as well as leading their friends through the experience. It is very rewarding when one of the children does a pose unexpectedly at home and teaches their parents the yoga poses that they have learned. I use the book, CD and DVD in combination and separately, and find them to be wonderful tools that have added a new dimension to my daycare. I would recommend this to other daycare providers.”

- Cindy Brown, Daycare Provider at Cindy’s Home Daycare, Burlington, Ontario

"I am a retired teacher who is presently supply teaching. I like to have books in my bag ready to share. I am a strong believer in the positive effects of yoga so buying the book to share with children was an easy choice. The students love it when I take out the book and do Yoga with them. The music and your voice really engage them. The joy in the boys' eyes still amazes me. The pictures, words and accompanying music work harmoniously together. I enjoyed seeing the smiles on the children as they go through the book with me. I was pleased to hear one little boy say "I had the best day ever. I did yoga." This book can be used in schools, classrooms and for DPA. This book makes a great gift for parents, teachers and those involved in working with children."

- Elvira Lester, Supply Teacher, Brant Haldimand Norfolk District School Board, Ontario

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Presentations - “How to Teach Yoga to Children” Training for Adults

"I loved the presentation and the book is fantastic! This is a wonderful interactive way for children to release stress and to use their imaginations as they get active!”
Krista Maclean, Assistant Teacher at West Parry Sound Child Care Centre

"Since our Yoga Presentation with Janet, we have been doing Yoga with our children in our Day Care Program. The parents love the fact that their children are doing yoga weekly. What the children have learned from the “What I See, I Can Be” resources has inspired them to teach their families the Yoga Poses at home. It is completely beneficial for the children and they can’t get enough of it!”
Nicole Mortson, ECE Senior JK Teacher at The Copper House Daycare Center for Husky Injection Molding Systems

Video Testimonial by Krista Maclean

View a Video Testimonial by Krista Maclean, an Assistant Teacher at West Parry Sound Child Care Centre.

"I saw Janet do a Yoga Presentation to the Daycare Supervisors at the Peel Child Development Resource Connection center monthly meeting. I realized that her Teacher Value Pack resources were perfect for my staff to use at our center."

"As most of us are visual learners, I knew that my team would benefit from seeing Janet in action so I booked a presentation. Janet came to our staff meeting and it was great seeing my team engaged, having fun and learning new things. Afterwards, the team expressed that they felt it was a very positive experience. They were excited about using yoga to make a difference with the children and were even inspired to stay healthy doing more yoga for themselves!"

"I would recommend these products and Janet’s presentation to other daycare centers.”
Paula Donohoe, Manager of The Copper House Daycare Center for Husky Injection Molding Systems

"Janet’s Yoga Training presentation was a positive, interactive and fun experience! The staff were happy and really enjoyed it and found the training very informative. The children will benefit from what we have learned and we are already planning on incorporating it into our “Yoga at Lunch Program”. We already know that for the busy children in our program this Yoga training will be really helpful. ”
Kathy Elek, Childcare Supervisor of Happy Life Childcare Center

Read the Book 'What I See, I Ban Be' by Janet Williams Read the Book 'What I See, I Can Be' by Janet Williams

Janet presents at a Day Care Leaders Training session for the Ontario Early Years Centres in Parry Sound.

"I attended the Interactive Yoga Presentation in Magnetawan and have now started to do yoga with our Preschool and After School Program children. Our children at the center love following along with the book. But what has really sold me on your program is my 2 year old daughter. We were sitting in my bedroom yesterday watching Planet Earth because she loves the animals. The scene on the movie changed and there was a picture of a mountain. My daughter stood up, stretched her arms in the air and said "Look Mommy a Mountain." She took a big breath and blew it out and said " I am blowing the clouds away". We had at this point only done the “What I See, I Can Be” book twice. That night she pulled out our yoga mats, which now stay in our living room and said "Mommy can you be a Dog?" When I got into the Dog pose she said "No Mommy you have to wag your tail like this" and she got into dog and wiggled her bum. Thank you for your wonderful program.
Connie VanKoughnett, Team Leader of Waubeek Early Learning & Child Care Center and Parent to child age 2

"We booked Janet Williams to present at our “Whole Child Network of Kitchener/Waterloo”, which is an organization that supports parents focused on raising their children in a holistic way. Her presentation was practical, informational, energetic and fun. Her approach made her book come alive and her demonstration showed how easy the book and resources were to use. The parents were engaged and they learned the value of movement in children. The participants enjoyed the experience and started applying what they learned that evening with their own family members.”
Jan Yordy, Teacher, Child Therapist, Author, International Presenter, Cofounder of Integrated Center for Optimal Learning, and Coordinator of the KW Parenting Network

"We had Janet present at our monthly Service Providers meeting. The presentation had to be useful to Early Learning and Child Care Programs, including Child Care Centers’ owners, operators and front line staff. The presentation was well done and well received. I was really surprised at how involved all the participants were and everyone really enjoyed it."

"In the Child Care community there is a need for quick, unique and innovative ideas to be included to existing programs. Most people do not think of yoga as an option for children. Janet’s presentation was delivered in a user friendly manner that staff could easily apply yoga to programs and it provided fun ways to spice up their physical activity routines."

"We were very impressed with the presentation and materials and we added the Teacher Value Package to CDRCP’s Resource Centre for loan to Child Care Centers, Early Learning Programs, Schools and Families. This Interactive Yoga Demonstration is the perfect introduction to help individuals understand how to use yoga in their programs and/or at home, and to see how easy the resources are to use."

"Janet is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and resourceful and I would recommend her presentation and resources to other organizations.”
Sara Ammar, RECE, Child Development Resource Connection Peel"

"I saw Janet at the Staff Training Presentation and purchased the hard cover book and CD for my 3 year old daughter. We have been doing the book at home ever since. Every evening, my daughter asks where her exercise book is and she follows along with the book all by herself saying the words from the book. She loves it! At our Child Care Centre we have decided to make Thursdays our new “Yoga Day” by using the book with the children during morning Circle Time"
Jennifer Leveque, Resource Facilitator, Best Start Child & Family Learning Centre, Parry Sound District and Parent of a child age 3

"My son and I enjoyed the Yoga session. On behalf of the Toronto Chapter thank you for coming out and sharing with our families a wonderful way to bond and relax with our children.”
Marti Veliz, Autism Ontario Toronto Chapter, President,

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Presentations - On Site "Learn to Do Yoga" Sessions with Children

“The yoga session in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom with Janet Williams was a great success! Janet did a wonderful job creating a program, “What I See, I Can Be”, that introduces the postures and values of yoga to young children. The children at our preschool enjoyed the session, and we plan to implement Janet's program into our weekly activities!"

“What I See, I Can Be” adds to our holistic mandate of “nurturing the minds and spirits” of children in our educational child care setting. We look forward to scheduling a teacher workshop in the near future!
Thank you Janet for a wonderful, educational and fun session!”
Paula Carrasco-Kendell, Hon. B.A., B. Ed., M.A.T., Ed. Doc., School Principal Kendellhurst Academy Inc.

"I thought the Yoga Session for my Grade 6 class was wonderful. It is a nice way for the kids to come together in community.”
Lynn Kozak, Grade 6 Teacher, Holy Family Catholic Elementary School, Halton Catholic District School Board, Oakville, Ontario

"I was so pleased with the Yoga Presentation that Janet did for each of our K-4 classes. The presentation was geared for each grade perfectly and all the students had a fun and relaxing time. I would highly recommend the book "What I See, I Can Be". These poses can be used any time and also a great idea to use at the end of the gym period to refocus the students.”
Lisa Paul, Teacher, College Park Private Christian Elementary School, Oshawa, Ontario

"After participating in the Interactive Yoga Presentation with Janet Williams, I feel motivated to do yoga myself! I am delighted with the child-teacher friendly language, the excellent connections to nature, and the fun poses! Janet is an inspiring teacher and a great motivator. Her passion is contagious.”
Julia Cusimano, Student Teacher enrolled in Nipissing’s Faculty of Education Teacher College Program

"I was impressed with how the students were able to learn the Sun Salutation and incorporate it into a meditative reflection. You could feel the sense of calm at the end of the Sun Salutation for each of the Grade 2, Grade 6 and Grade 8 classes that participated. All my expectations for this Yoga Session were met and exceeded.”
Jennifer Yust, Principal of Holy Family Catholic Elementary School, Halton Catholic District School Board, Oakville, Ontario

"I loved the way Janet used animals in the story to get the children into different yoga positions. The kids were having fun engaging their imaginations and did not realize that they were doing exercises. I would recommend this presentation and these resources to other teachers and parents who would like to get their kids focused on fitness and are looking for fresh new ideas.”
Shannon McRae, Early Childhood Assistant (ECA), Just For Kids Early Learning Centre

"The yoga presentation that Janet did with the children at our Early Learning and Child Care Centre was fun, interesting and rewarding. Janet taught the children how to move their bodies in fun and different ways. As part of the presentation, Janet provided the staff with a very useful resource kit so that we can continue to do yoga with the children. I would highly recommend Janet to other Child Centres as well as to Before School and After School Programs. The presentation is fun for all ages and a great way to stay healthy!”
Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) in Peel Region

Presentations by Janet Williams    Presentations by Janet Williams    Presentations by Janet Williams  

Lauren Bliss, VP of the Winchester Public School & Children & Parents enjoy Janet's interactive Yoga Presentation.

“My students enjoyed the Yoga Session very much! During the session my students were actively engaged and even chimed in as Janet read her book. They came back to the class wanting to try out some of the poses they learned, and according to parents the kids were trying the poses all weekend!"

"As a fellow 'Yogini' this session sparked my interest again, and showed me that it doesn't matter who you are, or what age you are, Yoga has so many benefits that everyone can enjoy! I plan to practice Yoga again with my students."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful session! ”
Erin Pearson, Kindergarten Teacher, Winchester Public School, Durham District School Board

"The staff and children enjoyed the yoga presentation. We are looking forward to using the book, especially when children are inside on raining days!”
Bill Bierworth, Site Supervisor, Just For Kids Early Learning Centre

"Janet Williams presented to the children, parents and staff at our school’s Family Wellness Event last night. After the presentation, the staff and parents complimented Janet on how well she engaged the audience and motivated the children to participate. Today, the students were raving about how much fun yoga is. I would recommend this Interactive Yoga Program to other schools. We would absolutely do this again. ”
Marilynn Hayhow, Vice Principal of St Luke Catholic Elementary School, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

"We organized an evening Wellness Event at our school and invited our school families to attend. Janet provided the entire group, which consisted of teachers, parents, grandparents and children with an Interactive Yoga Session. In the breakout sessions, she taught ‘Relaxation For the Whole Family’. The response was very positive and the evening was well received by the parents and children. I would recommend Janet to other schools looking to introduce Yoga and Relaxation into their schools. ”
Candace Ramdial, VP of Dr. Roberta Bondar P.S., Durham District School Board

"Doing the yoga with Janet was a lot of fun. It calmed me down. My friend and I had a lot of fun doing the yoga from the book. The presentation was good because Janet brought up all of the kids from the school to the front and it was very interactive. ”
Clare, Age 10

"Janet came into our school and presented to the children, teachers and parents. I loved the literacy connection and how the book tied yoga, literature and physical activity all together. I would recommend this to other Primary/Junior Teachers who wish to integrate dramatic play into their program. ”
Jen Dicrescenzo, Kindergarten Teacher, Kedron School, Durham District School Board

"Thank you for visiting our school! The students absolutely loved your session!! It was age appropriate and kept the interest of our SK learners. The children had fun while being active! Your resources are easy to follow and I look forward to implementing them into my DPA program. ”
Jennifer Sawyer, JK/SK Teacher, Norman G. Powers P.S., Durham District School Board

"Yoga is fun to do because you can almost do any yoga pose you want. Yoga is fun to do because Janet is the best yoga teacher in the world."
- Cameron, Age 8, from Canada

"I like Yoga.”
Annika from Canada Age 2.5

"I feel good doing Relaxation.”
Audree, Age 4, participant in the “Relaxation for the Whole Family - School Wellness Event Session”

"We did the yoga from the book What I See, I Can Be.  I learned how to relax and I feel more relaxed and strong.”
Max from Canada Age 10

"My favourite yoga posture is mouse. I like it because it stretches my back just the right amount and not too much. Yoga is good because you don't have to run like crazy and it allows you to work out for 1 hour."
- Laura, from Canada, Age 11

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Children's Parties

"Awesome 11th Birthday Party! It was fun. I liked playing the Yoga Games.”
- Mackenzie, Age 10, Participating Guest at Yoga Birthday Party

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"I am amazed at how my children have responded to the “What I See, I Can Be” DVD. When my children come home from school, they come in asking to do their exercises. I pop in the DVD and they move along with the Yoga flow. It is wonderful that the children are motivated to stay active and fit because they are having fun and I am happy that they are staying healthy.”
- Julia Gabriel, Parent to children ages 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9, Creator of Nugglemama’s Handful

"In a world where children are consumed with video games and watching TV, finally an interactive DVD promoting health and wellness through yoga.”
- Daphne Bennett, Coach and Relationship Specialist

"I have little experience with Yoga and I had the opportunity to actively participate with my two sons, who are in Grade 5 and Grade 7, to follow along with the "What I See, I Can Be" DVD. The boys loved it and enjoyed the variety of poses and felt motivated by the physical challenges. Anytime you can learn alongside your children is a wonderful parenting experience. I would recommend this for teachers looking to engage their students in a Yoga experience.”
- Nicki Keenliside, Instructional Leader in Health & Physical Education, Toronto District School Board.

"Both adults and children will enjoy this DVD as they have fun doing the stretches. Children at home or in school can easily follow along with the children in the DVD, without requiring any additional explanation. This self explanatory DVD allows children to feel empowered as they do it by themselves. The children demonstrating in the DVD are different ages and skill levels and will inspire children at their different ability levels.”
- Barb Hunter, Retired Kindergarten Teacher, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

"I have been using the “What I See, I Can Be” book, CD and DVD in my home daycare for many months. The children are ages 1-4 and really enjoy learning the poses, as well as leading their friends through the experience. It is very rewarding when one of the children does a pose unexpectedly at home and teaches their parents the yoga poses that they have learned. I use the book, CD and DVD in combination and separately, and find them to be wonderful tools that have added a new dimension to my daycare. I would recommend this to other daycare providers.”

- Cindy Brown, Daycare Provider at Cindy’s Home Daycare, Burlington, Ontario

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Full Colour Poster

"I work with children with special needs daily in my medical practice. Mood regulation is a goal of therapy,and healthy breathing is an important component of that. Yoga is an excellent modality for children and I have the “What I See, I Can Be” poster in my Markham Integrative Medicine clinic to encourage children to breathe, stretch and relax."
- Dr. John Gannage, MD, MCFP, DH, Medical Director of Markham Integrative Medicine - focused on prevention and treatment of chronic disease through nutrition, detoxification and reduction of oxidative stress, while addressing the underlying cause of disease using biomedical modalities.

"I think Yoga is really fun because you get to do a lot of animals and things."
- Daria, from Canada, Age 7.5

"I ordered the teacher value package and my children in my classroom and in my yoga classes all love it! I really love the poster, as it hangs in my classroom as a great visual, not only to the children but to me as well. It is a better reminder than breathing! You are fantastic for creating this great program and I enjoy the helpful information in your newsletters"
- Libby Hoefer, Teacher, Les Enfants Nursery School, New Orleans and Yoga Instructor, Wild Lotus Yoga

"I bought the poster because I read about the “Going to the Beach” game on your blog and thought it was brilliant!  Currently I am teaching 3-4 year olds so the poster is a great reminder for them. Yoga fits well into games and the poster is great to have as a visual assist."
- Rachel Milne, Teacher,

"I like the animals, especially the dog and the tortoise. It is a good poster & book and it has a lot of animals in it."
- Darby M, Age 7

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Children's "Colour Me" Poster & "What I See, I Can Colour" Colouring & Activity Book

Kids Yoga - Colouring Book

"The Colour-Me Poster is fun. “What I See, I Can Be” is a really good book and you should read it. Yoga is good for you and it is really fun."
- Naomy, from Canada, Age 10

"I like this book. It is not like an instruction book. It is 'you see something and you can be it.' The children are going on an adventure and there is lots of little details that you might not notice but they are fun to find."
- Jasmine M. Age 8

“I liked Yoga. I liked Yoga because we got to have fun.”
- Matthew Age 9

"Yoga is like gymnastics but more relaxing. I like doing yoga because it is good exercise. I like doing it outside.”
Chiara from Canada Age 7

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Children's Yoga Teacher Training Resources

Read the Book 'What I See, I Can Be' by Janet Williams

“Brilliantly written, beautifully illustrated. An essential resource for anyone advocating for the health, fitness and wellness of our children.”
Erika Caspersen, Health & Wellness Specialist, City of Hamilton Public Health

"In these fast-paced and over-stimulated days, it is a joy to find such a resource. It offers children and the adults in their lives the invitation to slow down, get centered, remember our place in nature and improve our fitness. What a wonderful combination!
Mary Anne Martin, Master of Social Work, Parent to children ages 7 and 8

"Before I took the course, I was worried about being able to develop yoga programs that were fun for children and families. Janet's course was amazing and I have such great respect for her work. Janet is very knowledgeable and what I learned was invaluable. I absolutely achieved what I hoped to from this course."
Deborah-Marie Forrester, Founder and Managing Director of Darla-Prana Healing & Wellness Centre

"My son Matthew and I enjoyed our first yoga experience. Thank you for making it fun. My son enjoyed it so much that he had us do it as a family before bedtime. I was pleasantly surprised by how much he remembered from your presentation. Before starting our yoga session, Matthew explained to his dad and brother about respect and how it's important to respect yourself and to respect others. As I read the book, Matthew demonstrated each correct pose. He reminded his dad and brother to do only what they could and not to over do it! He remembered to pass his hand under their bridges and to show them how to do the windshield wipers. I was so amazed at how well he did. Perhaps one day, Matthew can show his classmates how to do yoga! Matthew wore his Yoga Cobra T-shirt to school today and when asked, he said that What I See, I Can Be is a book! He wore his Cobra T-shirt with a smile. Once again, thank-you for yesterday!"
- Karen Beckenhauer, Parent of 9 year old son

"I have taught children yoga informally in my classroom and was interested in new ideas. Janet shared a lot of ideas that I had never thought of, including adding games. Janet is very creative and taught us how to make yoga fun and a creative experience for children. Thank you for the great ideas!"
Sylvia Papez, Elementary School Teacher for Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board & Yoga Instructor at Darla Prana

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Children's Yoga Yoga Match Game

"I highly recommend the Yoga Match Game. It gets kids moving doing yoga poses, engages their minds and works their concentration and memory skills.

A great tool for teachers and parents alike. I myself enjoyed using the game at the end of my kids yoga class and will definitely continue to use for a long time. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing the Yoga Match Game and we are looking forward to the next MATCH! ”
- Lisa Kelly, Kids Yoga Teacher, and Owner of The Centre for Art & Soul, See:

I love the Yoga Match Game!”
Julian, age 7

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Our Value Packs

"An easy and innovative way for educators to provide children with a unique exercise experience”.
Ruth Augustine, Learning Resource Teacher, District School Board of Niagara

“What I See, I Can Be is a full package of resources packed with fun and a great way to get kids active and moving. I would highly recommend this to teachers and parents. It captures the imagination of children, while keeping them focused on doing healthy exercise.”
Rick Beneteau, Yoga Instructor and Employee of the Thames Valley District School Board

“What I See, I Can Be has been a important part of our program and our philosophy at The Little Green Schoolhouse for the past couple of years - the children love the poses and the calm breathing technique that is incorporated. Thank you Janet for a great resource! It is a sure must have for every centre."
Joanne Deidun-Roork, Certified Teacher and Owner of The Little Green Schoolhouse, Mississauga, Ontario

“I ordered the Teacher Value Package and my children in my classroom and in my yoga classes all love it! I really love the Poster, as it hangs in my classroom as a great visual, not only to the children but to me as well. It is a better reminder than breathing! You are fantastic for creating this great program and I enjoy the helpful information in your newsletters."
Libby Hoefer, Nursery School Teacher at Les Enfants & Yoga Instructor, Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans

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Total Relaxation CD

"Your Total Relaxation CD really works! I purchased it for my teenage daughter to help her de-stress. She tried it in the evening and reported back to me the following morning her amazement. She said that she heard the part about “Relax your feet, relax your ankles” and she was asleep so quickly that she didn’t even make it past the knees!"
- Lori Dalcourt, Occupational Therapist

"I DID listen to your relaxation CD, one tense afternoon, and, yes, fell completely asleep. I woke up an hour later in the identical position. It was great! Unfortunately I haven’t had a spare hour to use it again recently, and, as I told you, falling asleep at night isn’t a problem for me. But I do look forward to the time when I can listen (and sleep) to it again."
- Linda Holeman, Author of “The Saffron Gate

"I have had many years of experience using relaxation techniques and found Janet’s approach unique. Her soothing, gentle voice and positive affirming way definitely adds to the relaxation effect."
- Janice P.- RN

"This CD is very therapeutic for people who are suffering from stress, any physical illnesses, sleep issues etc ... I am really excited to bring it to the people that I work with!"
- Deborah G.

"This is a great CD for everyone and really helpful to those who are looking for complete Head to Toe Relaxation. Janet’s voice and Betty’s music are the perfect combination and together create a completely soothing experience."
- Daniela V.

"The Total Relaxation Visualization CD is very pleasing to the ear - the combination of Janet's soothing voice with the beautiful background music is very relaxing. What really surprised me was how my 6 year old daughter responded to listening to the CD. I was struggling to get her to calm down prior to bedtime and I thought about trying the CD. She loved it! I showed her how to breathe and she needed some explanation as to what certain body parts meant but she loved listening to the CD She started requesting to listen to the CD at night. I would often just let her listen to the segment of relaxing music at the end if it got too late to do the muscle relaxation segment. It's never too early to introduce our children to healthy relaxation strategies.”
- Lisa Sicoli

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