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Kids Yoga Training Certification Options

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Our flexible Kids Yoga Teacher Training program allows everyone to get what they need and in the manner that best suits them. Options include:
1. Getting certified as a Kids Yoga Teacher Trainer with the 95 Hour Certification (all 6 modules throughout the school year) that is recognized by Yoga Alliance
2. Getting a certificate for taking individual weekend modules that focus on the specific areas that you are interested in. Take 1, 2, or all 6 and pace them according to your schedule. The good news is that “Every Module Counts” – so if you decide to get your 95 hour Certification in the future, all of your individual weekends completed count.
3. Take our Summer Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program, which has the flexibility for taking 1, 2 or as many modules as you wish, or taking all 6 modules to get your 95 Hour Certification.

Become a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher

Yoga Certified Kids Yoga Teacher Training
Bring the power of Kids Yoga to children

Early Bird Registration Discounts

Take advantage of our Early Birds and the savings when you sign up for all 6 modules to get your 95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certification. See How To Register Below

Get The Highest Level Children’s Yoga Teaching Training Available

Children’s Yoga Books has partnered with Young Yoga Masters creating a Registered Children’s Yoga School offering a complete 95 hour certification. This training has been approved by Yoga Alliance and provides you with a thorough training in children’s yoga. The program has been engineered to give you experience observing and practice teaching classes, with real children for a truly authentic, fun, and professional kid’s yoga teacher training.

Yoga Certified Kids Yoga Teacher Training

This 95 Hour Program Gives You Everything You Need To:

Fill your Tool Kit: You take home tons of resources in books, cards, posters, dvd’s, colouring books, manuals, lesson plans and more. Materials Valued at Over $600!
Feel Confident teaching kid’s yoga poses safely and effectively with a combination of training and practical experience.
Get experience with Real Kids: Observe master teachers teaching real kids, and then practice teach with your peers and real children to fulfill your Practicum requirement during the training. You’ll finish with experience you can put on your resume!
Create Yoga Sessions using routines, games, and songs that keep kids attention
Get Certified: Get your 95 hour Certification from a Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) with Yoga Alliance that can be applied to the Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Designation*.

Here is how the Kids Yoga Teacher Training works:

Yoga Certified Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS): In 2010 Yoga Alliance set the standard for yoga teachers to take an additional 95 hours of specialty training for a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYS) designation. All 95 hours must be taken with the same school. In our training you get a Certificate for each Weekend Module you complete, and when you complete all 6 Modules, you fulfill the contact hours you need for your Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance.
Not a Yoga Teacher? Teaching Yoga is an unregulated industry in most countries, so this Yoga Teacher Training is open to all. School teachers, doctors, educators, Montessori Teachers, ECE’s, youth workers, parents, grandparents and community leaders have all found the training to be inspiring and effective to bring yoga into their environment. Best of all, if they ever want to get their full certification, this training will count! You can take one weekend or all 6, the choice is yours.

* Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT’s) who successfully complete 95 hour training, may apply to Yoga Alliance for the Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) designation. After completing training with a RCYS, Yoga Alliance has additional requirements that must be met. See Details here.

Yoga Certified Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Through the six Modules, you will experience what it means to be a Kids Yoga Teacher. The adventure begins each weekend with the treasure chest of games, activities and expert instructions waiting to be discovered. Here is how the training works.
There are 6 Kids Yoga Modules that may be taken in any order.
You receive a Kids Yoga Certificate for each Module completed.
Each Module consists of 1/6th of the required contact hours of training. This includes 3 hours of Yoga Camp experience with children in attendance. During the yoga camp you will observe Faculty Instructors teaching children and you will then have the opportunity to teach and team-teach children from the assigned curriculum.
Self-Study Component: This is an optional component that you can choose to complete at any time if you wish. Once the 6 modules have been completed, you have the option of submitting your assignment for review by a Faculty Instructor. There is an additional fee to have it reviewed by a Faculty Instructor. Click Here to Learn More.

The Kids Yoga Teacher Training Modules

Modules may be completed in any order.

What I See I Can Be: This module includes the “What I See, I Can Be” kid’s yoga resources and how to use them effectively and creatively. Taught by a certified Primary/Junior School Teacher (B.Ed) and Yoga Instructor (RCYT), you’ll find out what really works and what doesn’t in the classroom and beyond.
Inclusive Yoga: Accommodate children with a variety of needs in your classes! All children come with a unique set of needs. This module gives you new insight on effective tools to help bring yoga to all children, especially kids that are not always motivated by typical kid’s yoga techniques.
Yoga Literacy: Take an in-depth look at asana based movement for children using the Frog Yoga Alphabet. You’ll build confidence for teaching yoga poses with both fun and safety in mind. Includes modifications and variations for all ages, as well as 22 innovative and original Alphabet and storytelling activities.
Themes and Dreams: The original weekend that started it all. The Themes and Dreams Module explains Yoga Philosophy and awakens the imagination – no matter what your age. You`ll get tested lesson plans that children love. The Kids Yoga Class Creator, Lesson Plan Template, shows you how to dream up new lessons as you need them.
Ages and Stages: This module is focused on understanding the developmental stages of a child, including the physical, mental and emotional stages, and the appropriate yoga activities at each stage. Learn the essential physical anatomy as it relates to children as they grow and change.
Branching Out: Teach kids yoga in your community. In the Branching Out Module you begin your action plan for teaching yoga to children. Examine effective advertising, networking, and marketing strategies. Consider when and how to volunteer. How to offer alternative classes like Mommy and Me Yoga, Family Yoga or Yoga Camps and more.

A Fulfilling Career and A Bond With My Own Children

That I Wouldn’t Trade for Anything…

“The 95 Hour training really helped my own yoga practice. I learned about safe and correct postures, meditations that I have come to love and met some really fantastic people in the industry.

After taking only one of the modules and experiencing the Kids Camp, I felt confident enough to approach schools to start teaching. Using my background in marketing I was teaching children after only one weekend of training. Eight months later, by the end of the training, I have taught over 150 kids yoga classes.

This training was a good investment. I have already earned back my investment in the course and more because I have already taught over 150 classes. After working in the corporate world for over 15 years, I was searching for a more self-fulfilling career. This Kids Yoga Teacher Training has not only provided me a fulfilling career, but has also given me a bond with my own children that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The special yoga time we now share as a family is priceless.”

- Zaheeda Jiwan
Graduate Young Yoga Masters,
95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Certified Kids Yoga Teacher Training

How to Register

See each individual module page for our registration options.

For our weekend courses, you can buy 1 Module, 2 Modules or all 6 Modules to get your full 95 Hour Certification.

For our Summer Certification Program, you can buy 1 Module, 3 Modules or all 6 Modules.

And if you book early, even more savings apply!

What I See, I Can Be
Ages & Stages
Inclusive Yoga
Yoga Literacy
Themes & Dreams
Branching Out
Summer Program


About the Trainers

Janet Williams
Certified Kids Yoga Training Course

Janet is the award-winning author of the children’s picture book “What I See, I Can Be: A Guided Yoga Flow for Children”. She has developed a line of easy to use children’s yoga resources that are fun for the whole family. The products promote physical activity and provide a safe and fun Yoga workout.

Directions Click for Full Bio.

Aruna Kathy Humphrys

Aruna is the author of the Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training, Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga Games for Boys, and the award winning Young Yoga Masters blog.

Directions Click for Full Bio.


Testimonials for Our Certified Kids Yoga Teacehr Training Courses

"Janet is an amazing teacher. She definitely has a gift! I would 100% recommend this course to anyone. All her resources are easy to use with the kids and are fun so that they will want to do them all the time! The manuals and resources surpassed my expectations. They were very well thought out and will be used continuously!"
- Cheryl Rothwell

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